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Depotting NARS Blushes


Hey Babes...


Yesterday night was an emotional night for me as I had to Finally depot my Nars blushes into a Zpalette.

As many of you know Nars packaging are notoriously known to go haywire after a few years. They start to melt as they are made of rubberised material and they get filthy and it starts to get really hard to clean.

I'm going to share with you how simple it is to depot them. But do note to be really CAREFUL!!!


These are the few things that you need



Once you have the tools, the rest are relatively easy.


After about 5 minutes , you will be able to feel that the bottom of the blush is hot and that is the time to start 'wiggling' the blush out of the packaging.

Don't let it heat up for too long as you wouldn't want to burn the rubber material itself, you just want to let it heat enough to melt the glue.


At this point, be extra careful when handling the metal pan as it is really hot, so avoid touching it with your hands. Just place it on  top of the kitchen towel and let it cool down for few seconds.

 Once it cools down, then you can proceed to label the blush.






I also depotted the cream blush and you do have to be faster when handling cream blushes.

Do not leave it on for too long as they will melt and it will be hard for you to take it out of the packaging.


I hope it's been useful and Please Please be Careful when depotting your makeup ...





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Cool method!

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